Our research and development team is always up to date with the latest technological innovations for the defense against cyber threats.


We are independent security researchers, this allows us to test software critically without being influenced by external pressures, unlike many companies that offer obsolete software unable to counter cyber threats only to comply with commercial agreements that cause the detriment of the customer's safety.


Some companies unfortunately need closed-code solutions, which is why we offer the solutions of some selected partners, but we do not enter into any agreement with them, to maintain our independence and credibility, also to be able to replace the partner quickly in case of insecurity or if a competitor creates a more performing solution.


This philosophy differentiates us from other companies that say they do IT security, as for us security is more important than functionality, contracts and the revenues deriving from them.


Although we do not use closed code software, given its effectiveness in real time compared to competitors and given the need to protect Microsoft operating systems of some of our customers before migrating to more secure software, we are official partners and certified installers Kaspersky which we use to fight global cyber threats in this segment.

Some of our certifications:

Mantova - Italia


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