Our philosophy is to use technology at good.


We are an integral part of various groups, associations and IT organizations that pursue our ideals.


We carefully select the contexts to be part of it because if the entity is not in line with our company, deviates from the declared conduct and in place at the time of registration or the foundation, or for other factors, it will be our care to consider whether continuing to be part of it or immediately interrupt the relationship.


For us to spread the culture of computer security, it is essential to lay the foundations of technology used safely and consciously.


The global cryptographic coalition promotes, supports and defends the use of cryptography.

It is against those who try to weaken or prohibit the use of cipher.

The same incites the cryptographic adoption through concrete actions to make a global and daily use in each field, be it private, corporate or institutional.

Given the mission of this coalition, which embraces our vision, after the ritual checks, we have become members.

Mantova - Italia


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