In 2015 the CR1PT0 project was born with the goal to secure information through cryptography and advanced defense systems.

In 2020 the company comes to life with its headquarters in Italy, making advanced military level skills and competencies available to individuals, companies, organizations, institutions and other realities that need a level of data security classified as extreme.


We have always supported open source and we are part of this great community.


We help software developers who release source codes publicly, so that they can be available for everyone to use and analyze to minimize the possibility of bugs and 0 day exploits.


An open approach guarantees a potential of 7 billion different points of view on the source code, so that the software is more secure, faster, more stable and functional than those who adopt a close source policy where the sources are seen only by a few people.


We have never had exclusive commercial agreements with closed code software producers or with hardware producers.


Cyber security is our mission and we do not compromise.


We work against censorship and promote freedom of information.

Mantova - Italia


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