We provide hardware assistance on servers, clients, routers, switches and other devices.


We offer assistance for Linux operating systems.

We specialize on Debian distributions including Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Kali, Mint, Tails, Parrot, Raspbian, etc ...


We support any Kaspersky product, such as antivirus, firewall, application control and other components as we are official certified installers.


Unfortunately we are also Microsoft Windows systems.

It is not our choice, but over time we have acquired customers who use this intrinsically insecure software, with infinite security and functional problems that Microsoft itself often does not know or does not want to solve.

As far as possible we help customers try to resolve his absurd and incredible issues by hoping as soon as possible a migration to open source.


Raspberry derives from Debian and is indicated for those applications that do not require large hardware resources.


We can provide assistance on Raspberry Pi hardware and on the Raspberry Pi OS operating system.


Having a Bitcoin node contributes to the decentralization of the project and increases the security of your transactions by reducing the spying surface.


My node is probably the best node in existence to date.


It is a Debian based Open Source distribution.


There is nothing more to add. Already in the standard installation, another degree of security is denoted, but after our audit we are able to push security to a higher level.


We create, install, configure, manage and secure nodes based on My Node.


Every cryptomaniac wants a Bitcoin node so as to contribute to the decentralization of the project and increase the security of transactions by reducing the spying surface.


Umbrel is a functional and user-friendly distribution.


It is Open Source.


The software in standard configuration does not belong to us so after our audit we pushed the security of this node to a higher level.


We create, install, configure, manage and secure Umbrel based nodes.


The defense of the company's computer perimeter is fundamental.


We create installations and provide assistance on the best perimeter firewall and I.D.S. of the world.


It is open source.


Based on the Linux kernel and after having tested it in our Lab we  launched it in corporate productions creating paranoid configurations based on needs.

Mantova - Italia


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