Specialized in Cyber Security.

In the world of IT security, in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge tools are required, for this reason this company was founded, whose main purpose is to study and evolve IT defenses.

If you are looking for protection against cyber threats and you want to protect your sensitive data, we are the answer to your need.

We have been dealing with computer science for more than fifteen years with particular attention to data encryption, this to prevent a computer attack from compromising your confidential files.

We use and develop Open Source software that we make available for the information security of individuals, companies, organizations and institutions. For this reason we are booming in England.

On some occasions our computer systems installed at various companies have been attacked or stolen by individuals or groups, but nobody has ever managed to violate our Linux systems and our advanced cryptographic implementations configured by our members who in the past have operated as cyber security specialists in the Italian Army at Esercito Italiano and in the Military Police at Guardia Di Finanza.

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