The costs of insecurity computer.



The cost of damage caused by cybercrime continue to increase dramatically. These attacks are becoming more frequent and expensive, as well as take longer to resolve. These are the conclusions of various reports, including the fifth annual study on the costs of crime conducted by the Ponemon Institute on behalf of HP Enterprise Security.

The annual study for 2014 was taken as sample seven nations, which are the US, UK, Germany, Australia, Japan, France and Russia for a total of 257 companies analyzed.

Losses increased in every country, but the study also shows that companies that adopt effective information security procedures that include the protection and implementation of advanced security technologies, such as, network security, application security, information on security and event management, reduced the damages and the losses significantly.

The average cost of cyber crime for companies considered in the benchmark is 7.6 million dollars a year, with a variation between 0.5 and 61 million dollars per year per farm. Smaller companies have a cost significantly higher than large companies, it comes to $ 1,607 for small businesses against the $ 437 large companies. The companies in the energy, utilities and financial services incur costs related to cybercrime considerably higher than companies of the sectors of the media, life sciences and healthcare.

Each year, more than 55% of the costs of crime is linked to attacks carried out by malicious interior, from denial of service and Web-based. The time it takes on average to counter a cyber attack was 31 days, with an average cost of $ 639,462.

"The time it takes to detect a threat Advanced is too long, ranging from 98 to 197 days. The attackers are able to enter and remain hidden long enough to cause irreparable damage. Our research shows the need to invest more in safety the level of both personnel and tools so that companies can detect and deal with accidents more accurately and efficiently. " This commentary by Larry Ponemon, chairman and founder of the Ponemon Institute.

More and more sophisticated are also attacks that have affected our country. According to data published in the 2015 report dell'OAI (Attacks Information Technology Observatory). There was an increase of 7% of computer attacks reported in 2014 compared to 2013, the three main types of attack used were:

1 Malware
2 Social Engineering
3 DoS

During one of his speeches, Art Gilliland, Senior Vice President and General Manager of HP Enterprise Security Products said:
"If for cybercriminals is enough to break one time in the system of an organization to understand its data, companies must succeed every time to stop mass attacks every day against them. No amount of investment will never completely protect companies from highly sophisticated cyber attacks, however, making it a priority and improving their ability to combat fraudulent activities through intelligence solutions, organizations can be more effective in mitigating attacks and reduce their impact Financial ".

Compounding all this, it should also be said that, unfortunately, many attacks are not even detected, because of low investment in safety and non-qualified personnel.

If in the future you do not want to be part of these statistics, we can give you a hand.

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