IT security.



The definition of computer security includes actions, procedures, configurations and other maneuvers carried out in the computer system to give continuity to the data and avoid that they can be in the availability of unauthorized persons.

With human evolution and technology she created, information security becomes more and more a vital priority. Today, wars are fought with the help of computers, the lives of some people have been saved thanks to computers and other lives, it depends on computer. Why computer security is so important. Think what would happen if all these computers do not work as expected or were controlled by malevolent people.

For security, we need knowledge and resources not common, so today many people tend to underestimate it and in doing so, expose themselves to many risks that can lead to irreversible damage. It is often believed that will never touch us. But history teaches us, just look back and see how many people and consequently companies, did not want to invest a few thousand euro in security and, as a result of a cyber attack, human error, a natural disaster, or because of other, you found themselves having to shell out millions of euro, plus the fact that he had lost or compromised your precious data.

Unfortunately, most people try to fix only when the damage has already materialized. We must change the mentality, we must make sure that the normal is to prevent and not cure.

Before it happens to you, ask yourself these 3 questions:

What if they lose?

How much are my data?
What consequences would if this fell into the wrong hands?

If even one of these answers, you may have a cause and or damage to third parties, then please contact us, because we are here to help, so that if it should happen a devastating event, the damage caused by it are equal to 0.

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