CR1PT0 is computer security.






If you need to communicate securely or protect confidential information, industrial, business and military secrets, we can help you.

Today, in-depth knowledge and advanced tools are needed to ensure IT security.
This is why CR1PT0 was founded, which aims to study and evolve the IT tool by placing the acquired knowledge at the service of individuals, companies, organizations, institutions and institutions.

We have been dealing with information technology for more than fifteen years, with a particular focus on security and, specifically, on data encryption, in order to prevent an IT attack from compromising the confidential files of our customers.

Nowadays it is essential to be able to communicate safely even on unsafe networks and we can afford it.

Several times our communication systems have been attacked by individuals, groups, and organizations of various kinds. All the attackers have achieved the same result, the failure, in an attempt to violate our encryptions, configured by our technicians who in the past have worked as computer experts in the Italian Army and in the Military Police.

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