CR1PT0 is cyber security made in Italy.

If you need to be able to communicate securely, or protect your confidential information, industrial, corporate or military secrets, we can help you.


With regards to computer security, in-depth knowledge and cutting-edge tools are needed today. For this reason this company was founded, whose main purpose is to study and evolve the IT tool by placing our knowledge to individuals, companies, organizations, institutions and institutions.


We have been dealing with IT for more than fifteen years, with particular attention to information security and, specifically, to data encryption. This is to prevent a cyber attack from compromising your confidential files.


Nowadays you need to be able to communicate securely, even on unsafe networks. In fact, many times our communication systems have been attacked by individuals, groups, and organizations of various kinds, but all of them could do nothing but surrender the inviolability of our encryptions, configured by our members who in the past worked as Cyber Security Specialist in the Italian Army in Esercito Italiano and in the Italian Military Police in Guardia Di Finanza.

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